A Day at the Farm with Friends

Okay, Okay, we didn't really go to a farm. We just happened to go to my sweet friend Grace's house and she just happens to have this massive, magnificent, majestic (can you see my M adjective trend here heh...) backyard equipped with a chicken coop, and plenty of our kids to run wild and be the hoodlums they are. Okay, hoodlums might not be the word I am looking for but sometimes they (well my kids at least) need some space to run and play, otherwise, their energy levels go through the roof and I can barely contain them myself! Not to mention, I was so happy to see my friends and catch up with them. Seeing how this was actually a couple of months ago, I think it is time we have another get together (okay, ladies!?). 

Now for the good part- some snappies of our playdate.