EXCITING NEWS! I'll be in Atlanta, GA in March 2020 to teach at a conference for photographers. Join me to find out my approach to not only filming your own videos, but learn my editing techniques as well!

Basic Camera Course


This is for beginners who may have just received or purchased their first DSLR camera and have no idea how to use it. I'll help walk you through the basic functions to help you confidently photograph your children, family, friends or even fur babies. I'll get your camera set up so you can start photographing immediately as well as guide you through (after the in-person lesson) mastering manual exposure. We will go over the exposure triangle and why it is important as well as basic photo composition and utilizing light to get the best photo. This class covers 2.5 hours of learning with me as well as text message and email correspondence afterward.

  • Basic camera course: $300

Basic Editing Course

This is a beginning editing course for those who want to learn the basics of editing in Lightroom. Whether you are just getting the hang of taking photographs and want to start editing them or are having a hard time in Lightroom. I'll help go over some of the basic functions in Lightroom. We will talk about white balance and basic color, exposure and contrast adjustments. We will then go over presets- what I use, why I use them and how to adjust them. I will also talk about basic Lightroom organization so your photos don't get lost in a jumble and you can stay somewhat sane when looking for a photo. I'll then edit a few of my photos while you sit along and watch and then edit a few of your photos. This class covers 2 hours of learning with me as well as text message and email correspondence afterward.

  • Basic editing course: $250

Image Review

I have learned so much in the past by having my images reviewed and critiqued when I first started photography. For the image review, I will go over your images and provide critique on what works, what you could have done to make the image stronger and critique on your basic photo technique (your exposure, edit, white balance, composition- etc.). We will talk about your vision for the images provided and what you did or could have done to make the image stronger. For the image review, you will send 15 of your best images to me with a short description of your vision for each photo. Once I receive the images, I'll go over them and write a review for each and we will have a skype session to discuss them together. 

  • Image review: $75