Hey there- I am Catherine.

I have been photographing my own family for over 8 years now and have finally taken the plunge to pursue my dreams and photograph other people’s family and children. I get to do what I absolutely love and make people happy at the same time.

When I am not out relaxing with the fam (aka chasing around my babies making sure they aren’t up to “no good”) or snappin’ photos… I am either reading about photography or doing something to expand my knowledge about photography. You can never know too much!

I wish I was a runner. Seriously. Or one of those people that wakes up 2 hours before their kids and gets a full body work out to start their day. But truthfully… I hate running. I tell myself each week that I am going to set my alarm for 1 hour before the kids get up so I can drink a cup of coffee and start my day. Low and behold- each week, I am snoozing the alarm like it is my job and then jumping out of bed once I realized I’ve snoozed one too many times and end up shoving cereal down my kid’s mouthes and do my best to rush them out of the door so they are not tardy, once again to school. But hey- the intention is there, so that counts for something, right?

That is a little about me. Care to share something about you? Shoot me a message. We can chat! I love meeting new people. Thanks for visiting my site and be sure to stay for a bit!




Just as much as I love documenting "my everyday", that style of photography flows right over to my portrait sessions. While I strive to get at least a few "look and say cheese" photos, my style is more about unposed, genuine moments that I capture by just watching you... be you! I love watching moms play with their kid's hair or kids being silly and tackling each other. I will act as more of a fly on the wall at your session and just capture you guys in your "everyday". I know as a mother, these are the photos that I end up printing or cherishing the most. Not the perfect portrait with my child's hair in pristine condition, rather the photos that document a time in their life (with dirty faces and food stains galore!). I want to be able to provide these moments for families so they can remember the small details, emotions, and personalities versus just the "perfect portrait".