A Day at the Farm with Friends

Okay, Okay, we didn't really go to a farm. We just happened to go to my sweet friend Grace's house and she just happens to have this massive, magnificent, majestic (can you see my M adjective trend here heh...) backyard equipped with a chicken coop, and plenty of our kids to run wild and be the hoodlums they are. Okay, hoodlums might not be the word I am looking for but sometimes they (well my kids at least) need some space to run and play, otherwise, their energy levels go through the roof and I can barely contain them myself! Not to mention, I was so happy to see my friends and catch up with them. Seeing how this was actually a couple of months ago, I think it is time we have another get together (okay, ladies!?). 

Now for the good part- some snappies of our playdate. 

Motherhood Mini Sessions

If you have ever followed my work, you will know that I have NEVER offered mini sessions. I do not have anything against them, I just haven't personally offered them until NOW. 

I wanted to offer Moms out there something special that they could have on Mother's day. Something that reminds them of why they love being a mother and most importantly, reflect on their special bond they have with their kiddos. 

The Motherhood Mini Sessions will capture the special bond between mother and child not only in photographs but on video as well. There is just something so special about video and it brings on feelings that sometimes you just can't get with photographs. 

Due to the nature of video- spots to this very special Mini session will be EXTREMELY LIMITED. Editing video is quite different than photographs and I have to make sure I leave enough time and space to pay close attention to all videos and deliver something special to those moms. I also have two young kiddos who need their mommy as well. While I wish I could give this to every beautiful mom out there, it just isn't possible with the amount of time I have. 

So without further adieu- here is the information to my MOTHERHOOD MINI SESSIONS.


I will be offering SEVEN spots on April 10, 2016 and ONLY THREE of those seven will have the option to have the "moving portrait" (video). This will be on a first come, first serve basis. If you want to snag a spot, please email me at info@catherinelubbat.com and please specify which session you would like to book. Thank you for the support!

New Adventures!

I have a deep adoration for people who have learned the craft of making films. My camera has the ability to record video but it is a lot harder than it seems. I can't get the focus right... I shake the camera too much or my exposure is all off. Despite all the set-backs, I have finally decided I want to try to dive in head first and start taking videos of my family. Just small little snippets... nothing too serious. 

Here is my first film! I may have cheated.... because it isn't actually a "video"... rather tons of pictures glued together to make a stop motion film, but hey... I am trying. Enjoy!


An afternoon with the Garvey Family

Kelly is such an awesome photographer. I would be lying if I said I wasn't super intimidated to go to her house and photograph her family being awesome; however, Kelly being the super sweet and supportive friend she is just shook my nerves out and we had a blast! No... seriously... I had so much fun. It didn't really feel like a session at all to be honest. It felt more like being a fly on the wall watching a family engage with each other and just love on one another. She is such a great mother too. I feel like I need to step up my #momgame (HA! DID I JUST SERIOUSLY DO THAT!? I am just trying to stay hip and with the times) after watching Kelly interact with her kiddos. You can tell her family just adores her as well. Did I mention that her house is amazing! It was so perfectly decorated and just all around beautiful

I felt like kicking off my shoes and joining them for dinner when we were done taking photos, but... duty calls and I could hear the cries of my little munchkins at home from across town.  Love you Kelly!

Making time.

Photography and I have a hot and cold relationship. I am either head over heels for it or I'll go an entire month without snapping a single photo. As I was browsing through my Lightroom catalogue and looking back at pictures from years ago when my oldest was just a little baby, it brings back a wave of emotions and memories. I am able to remember the rolls that engulfed her little legs, her baby face (which is way too grown now) and all the activities she adored at each stage of her life. The pictures were not works of art or even technically correct, but you know what? It doesn't matter. I was celebrating those tiny moments and capturing how she was... right then. I get into this state of mind where I am chasing the golden sun and perfect moment and if the settings don't meet that criteria... I don't snap a photo. I have come to realize that it isn't the perfect setting (ie- field of flowers with beautiful backlight) that are my favorite photographs. It is the imperfect moment that reveal what was happening at the time. It is the photograph that is full of emotion, whether one of my children is laughing or even crying. It is honest. Those are the pictures that I hold so dear.    

How is this for honesty? This is Madeline's favorite thing to do right now. She climbs up my legs and just stares at me. She is attached to me, and though I am tired, I don't want to forget how this feels because she will be grown before I know it. 

How is this for honesty? This is Madeline's favorite thing to do right now. She climbs up my legs and just stares at me. She is attached to me, and though I am tired, I don't want to forget how this feels because she will be grown before I know it. 

These are the moments that I do not want to forget. You do not realize how fast time goes by until you stop and reflect and look at old photos. Her face has matured drastically from the little baby cheeks that she used to have. 

Going a month without capturing who my little people are is inexcusable for me. I don't want to forget how my children are. Right at this moment. All their quirks, imperfections, and messy hair. I don't want to forget Mali's little gap toothed smile or the tufts of ginger that take over her head. I don't want to forget Olivia's wild and unruly golden locks or the sour expression she get's when she doesn't get a piece of candy. These moments are fleeting.  

Honest moments are what I want to capture. The photos that speak about who my girls are, what they love, and how they live. There is nothing wrong with those beautifully styled outdoor photos, but I want to capture the everyday and if I get some awesome perfect scenario photos where they are getting along and smiling beautifully... well.. that is just icing on the cake.